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La bière noble spéciale, brassée avec de l’eau des montagnes grisonnes et un savoir-faire riche d’une tradition brassicole de plus de deux siècles. Grâce à ces conditions optimales, la Calanda Edelbräu au goût aromatique fait partie des bières spéciales suisses qui ont le plus de succès. Elle présente tous les attributs d’une bière noble.

Alcohol/vol 5.0%
Made in Switzerland

Style: Pale Lager

Alcohol/vol 5.0%
Made in Ireland

Style: red ale

Murphy's Red 
The bread notes in this beer are easily its most defining characteristic. It doesn't smell toasty as much as it smells like homemade bread warming in the oven
Heineken Extra cold
Pale gold colour; softly perfumed nose with some hoppy elements; soft grain taste; gently bitter finish.


Alcohol/Vol 5.0%

Made in: Netherlands

Style: Light & Hoppy

Strongbow cider
Clear gold in colour with a thin head; aromas of apple, brown sugar and cinnamon on the nose. The palate is light with lively carbonation and subtle sweetness followed by a short and crisp finish.

Alcohol/Vol 5.3%

Made in: United Kingdom

Sugar Content: 22 g/L

Style: Sweet & Fruity


Alcohol/Vol 5.2%

Made in: Germany

Style: Medium & Fruity

Erdinger weissbier

Hazy pale gold colour with a lacy white head; aromas of freshly baked bread, fresh citrus, banana, clove and caramel; on the palate it is crisp, refreshing and medium-bodied, with flavours of lemon curd, banana bread and spice.


Alcohol/Vol 7.5%

Made in: Ireland

Style: Dry stout

Guinness features a burnt flavour that is derived from malted barley and roasted unmalted barley.

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